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Default On serious bilge pumping........

The colors don't reverse at Wood's Hole, or any of the nearby Holes.
The do reverse in the Cape Cod Canal, but there are no buoys in the
canal itself so it isn't very confusing.

I'm sure there a few reverses left in Maine, but I think most were
"fixed" back around 1993, to the annoyance of those of use who were
there that summer!

richard wrote:
It still amazes me that there is no better system than red and green
bouys that change and mean just the opposite halfway thru a difficult
channel. I have seen this in a number of places such as Woods Hole or
the Coast of Maine or Boston and nearby harbors. I use charts more
often than not and almost always in unfamilar waters, but I hope that I
will live to see the day when one can look at the navigational aids and
know right away what they mean.
Actually, I do kind of like to figure them out as we are going along.
Adds excitment to the day. and I do own a power boat so I tend to have
less time to figure it out than a sail boat, but I don't draw as much
and I can hit reverse pretty hard if I needed to.