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John H
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Default The case for Bush is the case against him

On Sun, 07 Mar 2004 13:02:53 -0500, Jim wrote:

If the right wingers can quote newsmax, how can you object to my posting

Bert Robbins wrote:
"Jim" wrote in message

From Slate

Ah, that bastion of unbiased reporting. Try reading something a little less
tilted to the left.


Is Slate supposed bo be a good source for liberals.

This next paragraph seems pretty unbiased to me:

"Kerry thinks it's the other way around. He's been telling Democrats
Bush is "the biggest say-one-thing, do-another" president ever.
Yesterday Kerry's campaign responded to Bush's ads by accusing the
president of "unsteady leadership." In the Democratic primaries, this
accusation worked for Kerry, because liberals think Bush is a liar.
But most voters don't, for a good reason: It isn't true. If Kerry
makes the election a referendum on Bush's honesty, Bush will win."

Slate makes a good point.

John H

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