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Default Aluminium clips on Kayaks.

My spin on this is it should not happen. I have replaced them with
Stainless Marine biners that so far are perfect. I am working at
abusing them to see how it plays out and if the solution is that
simple. So far it seems to be. I am reluctant to put any oil based
lubricants any place Latex or any thin plastic may come in contact with

Trying not to play with peoples heads , I am the original poster. My
daughter left her news group account open and I never checked for a
couple of days. OOPS.

I am aslo checking out some brass options. There is a plastic water ski
tow system that has a quick release I am interested in looking at. I
have not gotton my hands on that device yet.
I will post my findings on this group and promise not to pattent them.

Salt water hates aluminum, The Canoe tow stuff uses the same biners and
never sees salt. It is fine. Its just the ocean.

Thanks for the interest