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Default And the Bush lies just keep on coming

John H wrote in message . ..
On 27 Feb 2004 10:21:18 -0800, (basskisser) wrote:


What do you get when those very scientists, a highly respected,
nonpartisan group called the Union of Concerned Scientists, go on to
claim that no other president in modern history has so openly misled
the public or been so flagrantly disrespectful of scientific fact and
mountains of irrefutable research, deliberately and systematically
mutilating scientific data in the service of its rather brutal,
pro-corporate, antienvironment agenda?

Ah, yes. The unbiased Union of Concerned Scientists. Here is even more
information on this unbiased group with all the intellectual integrity
of Harry Krause:

John H

John, what you seem to forget is that scientists use SCIENCE.
Regardless of their political bend. The basis of their report is not
their political referendum, it's the science that they use, to know
for a FACT, what Bush is doing to the environment.