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Default And the Bush lies just keep on coming

Real intelligent there scarry harry,,,, your a real class act.

"Harry Krause" wrote in message
K. Smith wrote:

Gee a political difference of opinion dressed up as science??? Oh well
I guess they know whats best, after all they told us in the 60s the
world would starve by the 80s, got lots of grants & BS claiming "proof"
of that to.

Speaking of "proof," is gin your favorite?

What rec boats has a comedy hour now?? non partisan "union"" a hoot K I
thought you were serious & yes that was a good one hahahaha:-)

Ah, yes...English as one's fifth language...

No one has misled anyone, not a sole, merely has presented the counter

Would that be a leather sole or a filet of sole?

Heed back to the sauce, Ms. Smith. It's your only solace, and you
probably have a use for the bottle when it is empty.