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Dan Krueger
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Default Fuel Perks anyone?

trainfan1 wrote:

*JimH* wrote:

Does anyone else have a Giant Eagle grocery store by them with a "Fuel
Perks" program? If not, does any other store in your area offer a
similar program?

Not a store, but I got Discover Card Platinum to give me a 5% cash back
award for gasoline purchases... or about .14/gallon currently. It's
capped at $1500.00(3-4 months for me) annually, or $75.00/yr cash back.

Amerada Hess has a similar 5% program on their Hess Visa used at Hess...
10% for the first 90 days, awards are good toward gas or merchandise @
Hess. No cap as far as I can tell.

Another bank card(Capital One or Bank One or something like that) has a
5% gas & grocery card w/o caps. If you figure out how to do it right,
you can get the discount/credit applied on any merchandise purchased at
a WalMart supercenter... you have to be sure to check out at a "grocery"
cashier. It takes some trial & error to figure this one out sometimes...


I just signed up for the Hess (Chase) Visa for my business. Our fuel
bills are over $5,000 per month. Their gas and diesel is cheaper than
the local BP and Mobil before the discounts. There is no cap and the
rebate is credited to the next bill. We'll see if that is really the