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Default Fuel Perks anyone?

*JimH* wrote:

Does anyone else have a Giant Eagle grocery store by them with a "Fuel
Perks" program? If not, does any other store in your area offer a similar

It's not a grocery store, but BP/Amoco offers a Visa card that earns
free gas. This comes in the form of $20 "free gas card" that looks like
a credit card, and works just like one at BP or Amoco stations. Better
than airline miles!

Unfortunately, the credit card company administering the program is a
bit slow. Plus they're not particularl honest. We cancelled ours after
they played "change the due date" to try and nail us for charges about
14 months in a row. That was last year, they may have learned. I'm
tempted to get another of these cards, it's a nice perk (if you don't
have to pay for it by getting jerked around).

Doug King