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jeannette wrote in

I don't need Seaclear. I have "The Capn". What I need is the sensor
that goes on top of the mast and outputs NMEA so it can be connected
to the PC and displayed.

Check out the B and G "Network" instruments manuals on:
They all daisy-chain together and you put a "Network data cable on the dead
end that puts out all the NMEA 0183 data from all the instruments daisy-
chained together you own. It's what we're using on Lionheart, very

$IIHDM Heading
$IIVHW Speed and Heading
$IIDBT Depth
$IIVWR Apparent wind angle and speed
$IIMTW Sea temperature

VWR is what you're looking for, I think. From VWR and VHW, I think I
remember The Cap'n calculating the wind triangle for you. "Network"
instruments use NMEA for their data. B&G didn't like that so they dumped
them for H1000 and H2000 systems so you can buy expensive "adapter boxes"
you don't need with "Network". How stupid, B&G....

"Network" instruments are still great. Lionheart uses a
"Network" compass, speed/log, pilot (autopilot), wind, data (repeater at
chart table), and depth. Her GPS comes from the Raymarine RL70CRC
conversion of Seatalk from the Raymarine WAAS/GPS receiver, not Network

You'll need one of Meindert's NMEA multiplexers if you don't have a
multiplexer to add Network (or anyone's) NMEA data to your other NMEA
talkers as only one talker can be on a system without a multiplexer. NMEA
is archaic old RS-422 serial system. If all the devices are "Network"
devices, their daisy-chaining capability negates the need for a
multiplexer, which was the idea.

Too bad Simrad is dumping the Network concept for richer waters.....