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Don White
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HarryKrause wrote:

It was so hot yesterday we didn't go out. My wife celebrated by having
me dig a few more holes in the yard for her new crepe myrtles and
suchlike. I had to take a break between each 12 shovels of dig. It was
only in the low 90s, but the mumid-dit-ity was close to 100 per cent.

Very hot here also. (by our standards)
I packed mon and the wife in the mini-van and set out to inspect my
nephew's recently poured house foundation. He has a nice 2 acre lot in a
heavily treed area. Since he and his crew gyproc'd the addition we
added for mom to come live here I felt obligated to volunteer to help
him frame the house and get it rooftight. He works for his dad's
construction company during the I should be able to last 4
hours from 1630 til 2030 week nights.