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Being new here, I reluctantly attempt to correct you in your statement
that "It's ok to nominate yourself if you're strong enough to tell us
what you did." Since the Darwin awards are for people who died doing
something stupid, nobody could submit their own entry

Anyhow, while monitoring the docks in an attempt to learn all that I
can before taking my boy out on our first run with his "new" '75
starcraft, we saw a PWC attempt to make a very sharp turn in order to
avoid a collision with a boat that they obviously were not paying
attention to - and the PWC passenger fell off during the turn!!
Luckily the boat passed the PWC passenger without giving him a trim (or

We also saw a pontoon boat loading onto it's trailer with a signficant
enough amount of "power assist" to send the passengers lurching forward
when the boat came to a complete stop atop the trailer. Good thing
nobody went head first over the front and onto the concrete (as there
were lots of people standing around on there).