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Richard Johnson
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In article .com,


One of my favorites. Good kayak, raft, and canoe trips. Fairly
swift-flowing on the usual Bradfield to Slickrock upper section
(III-IV, with one IV that looks like a V easily portaged when
necessary). Typically 1 day for that part. Slower desert meander
(III) on the Slickrock to Bedrock lower section. Typically 1 or 2 days
for this part. 1-day is great on either, but 2-day or more is better
if you can make the time.

If it has water from McPhee, that is [1]. They usually cut the flow
from the dam around the beginning of June. July is probably going to
be too low this year for rafting (kayaks or canoes might have enought
water), but a call ahead might give a few days notice of a higher
release after the reservoir fills and if the soybeans are not pulling
as much as expected.

Of course, you might also check out the San Juan, and Wes****er on the
Colorado if you get that far North. ;-)



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