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K Smith
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If they can make a car go 70mph with an electric motor, why not an
electric motor asist for large yachts,(50-60 ft) run off batteries
that are charged off a solar array situated on the canopy.

Seems like any assist would be worth while considering large yachts go
thru 1000's of gallons of fuel.

Just a thought.

Solar panels only put out tiny amounts of power, a standard large one
is good for about 80 watts, in the very best of circumstances i.e. at
noon in the tropics under a clear sky, it would take 10 to make 800
watts or about 1 HP.

Ten of the big panels would be as big as a reasonable sail area, as if
not more difficult to mount & keep oriented straight at the sun, cost
much more, weigh much more.

Then once you got 1 Hp out of them on the rare times when everything
was perfect, you'd need a huge bank of heavy, bulky expensive batteries.
They'd need at least 666 amp hours of battery capacity just to be able
to with stand a continuous charge at that level.

The electric motor is reasonably inefficient also so double all

We had a solar powered boat here some years ago, who claimed to set
some world record or other (what BS:-)), but it was running very slowly
up & down a very protected river (we have lots of sun:-)) but it was
purpose built, other peoples' money no object, virtually a floating
battery box & not much else space left for anything else.