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Larry W4CSC
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"Rich" rsmith wrote in :

So I'm wondering if the brain trust he might know another way to get a
RS232 interface that would cost less?

Which line of B&G instruments are you using? We're using the B&G "Network"
line of instruments on Lionheart because the data stream is already NMEA
0183 compatible. You can connect "Network" instruments' data wires
straight to RS-232C ports on the computer, if you like. It was changed to
the incompatible Fastnet2 system in the H1000/H2000 lines so they could
sell you the "Universal Interface Box" for more fun and PROFIT. "Network"
instruments require no such expensive boxes. You simply pull out the data
in and out wires from the looping "Network" cables and hook them directly,
albeit UNBALANCED (damn them), to your NMEA network. Data out hooks to one
of the inputs on our Noland NMEA multiplexer to put all the B&G "Network"
data online. We returned the incompatible H1000 instruments for the older
Network instruments that were still available.

If you've got the Fastnet2 instruments....tell the Cap'n he'll have to
shell out for the interface box...(c;