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Jeff Rigby
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"Jim," wrote in message
Bush's press office gave Jim Guckert access, even knowing his only
credentials were from the blatantly partisan group GOPUSA.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
By Eric Boehlert

Warning, Warning. Creating standards for the press may be used to eliminate
the opposition.
By the same logic that could exclude the pro GOP Journalist Jim
Guckert(Gannon), it could exclude many so called independant press
reporters. A thurough background check of them could reveil that they
support the Democrat party (political donations), vote Democratic and
promote the party line. In that case, using the same standards, they could
be excluded from the press pool.

Having lax standards is the only way to run the press pool. IF the pool
were packed with political hacks we would have a story here but ONE, gesh.