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"Harry Krause" wrote in message
NOYB wrote:
Drudge is running this headline right now, but with no details yet.
want to bet on which political party the crack-distributing operative
pledges allegiance to? I guess cartons of cigarettes just weren't doing
trick any longer.

He was taking the crack over to Rush...

It seems that the local branch of the NAACP was involved. Since Rush is in
Florida, and since it's doubtful that Rush has much contact with the NAACP,
it's looking as though it's another case of voter fraud perpetrated by
citizens loyal of the Democratic Party. Your side is as sleazy as it gets.

This passage from an article in last week's USA Today just about sums it up:

"Democrats worry more about access," says Doug Chapin, director of, a non-profit research group that studies voting systems.
"Republicans tend to worry about the integrity of the system."

I'm not sure most members of the Democratic Party could even define the word
"integrity" without reading from one of your multitude of dictionaries,