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Hey ya'll I finally got around to start putting together a site with
our boating pixs. Recently we had a small written piece and pix of
Bull Sluice on the Chattooga from the site published on the GCA
(Georgia Canoeing Assoc) newsletter so I figured it was time to invite
ya'll for a look see. The link below takes you directly to the opening
page so click on the "rivers" link on top then click on the Chattooga
link to read the piece and see the pixs and .wmv movies

We still have tons of pixs to add to the site including lots of stuff
from a recent 10 day trip on the Wabakimi region in Canada. The
fellers just got back this sunday so the films have not even been
developed yet. I have seen some of the digital pixs though and we
should have a nice documentation of the trip including movies when we
get it all together.