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Default Import a boat.

it will cost about 5K to ship across, there should be no import TAX on a
second hand boat - check HM Customs & Excise!
Try looking at Belgium/Holland etc first

"Smokin..o0O" wrote in message

Can anyone comment of the idea of shipping a used boat from USA to UK?
Been looking for a cheap Bayliner type boat, around 26 footer, and to say

was shocked at prices in UK is putting it mildly.
Looked in Glasgow a few days ago, a dealer with 26 foot, 1990 bayliner,
scruffy condition and asking 17000 without a trailer.
Just had a look on and seen identical boat, much cleaner looking
condition for 12,500 US dollars, a little over 7000.
Just wondering if it would be worth the trouble, and apart from shipping
costs, what other costs would be involved, like the tax man.


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