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Default Will the conspiracy never end?

Ever since the new HBO series "Carnivale" in September, I have noticed
the Masonic hints in the story. The HBO Web pages about the show have been
even more explicit. For example, the page on one of the two main
the preacher Brother Justin (or Alexi), refers to Freemasonry directly:

I did not write about these Masonic links, waiting for the show itself
bring up the subject. This past Sunday, Episode 8 finally brought it up:

The other main character, the "healer" Ben, comes into possession of a
Lodge ring that gives him new visions.

Ben's likely father, Scudder, had also been a member of the same
society. Another character, too, the blind mentalist Lodz, is a member

Lodz, or Lodge?

The Lodge ring in "Carnivale" has a Cross on it and is inscribed:

"In Hoc Signo Vince"

I.e., "By this sign, be victorious!"

That was the vision of St. Constantine the Great before a decisive
battle. Constantine adopted this vision as his standard and was indeed
victorious. He became the first Christian Emperor of the Roman Empire.

As I have written before, "Carnivale" is an encoded message about
Victoria's Secret Archangel Heidi Klum, me (Nick Kaffes), our families, and

St. Constantine's original vision was in Greek. The phrase "In Hoc
Vince" is

"En touto nika"

in Greek.

Nika! Be victorious!