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Default Dealing with a boat fire, checking for a common cause

Jim Irvine wrote:

I wonder why these power cords do not have a simple GFCI in-line breaker
that would trip and warn the user when any of the connections are starting
to go.

Probably because a 30 or 50 amp GFCI breaker somehow encapsulated as
part of a shorepower cord would add about $300 to the cost and darn few
boaters would buy one and what would it do to prevent the scenario

There is already a breaker on the dock, right? All an additional GFCI
breaker would do is open when the slightest leak occurred to ground. Any
short drawing less than the rated current (more than enough to start a
fire) would be ignored unless the ground conductor was involved. Plug a
hair dryer into the bathroom GFCI outlet, and you will see lots of
glowing wires available there. There is nothing in a GFCI to prevent the
same glowing wires in your shorepower socket.