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Default Evinrude FICHT beats out Yamaha in JD Powers survey

J.D. Power and Associates Reports:
Yamaha Sweeps Outboard Engine Awards

New Boat Owners Report Fewest Problems
With Four-Stroke EFI Engines

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 4, 2002

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif.-Yamaha ranks highest in both two- and four-stroke
outboard engine categories, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2002
Marine Engine Competitive Information StudySM released today.

The study is based on responses of nearly 12,000 consumers who purchased a
new boat during the 2001 calendar year. Boat owners were asked about their
on-the-water experience with their new outboard, sterndrive or inboard boat
engines. Study results were calculated using an engine performance index,
which includes eight engine attributes: ease of starting when engine is
cold; ease of starting when engine is hot; quietness of the engine at
cruising speed; ability of boat to accelerate rapidly; cruising speed of
boat; engine fumes; cruise time/range between fuel stops; and the standard
warranty coverage of the engine.

Yamaha achieves the highest index score among two-stroke outboard engines,
with high marks for reliability, ease of starting, and ability to accelerate
rapidly, as well as warranty coverage and claim handling. Evinrude, with
high marks for engine cruising speed, and Mercury, with strong performance
in fuel economy and low engine fumes, follow Yamaha in the two-stroke engine
segment rankings.

In the four-stroke engine segment, Yamaha has strong performance in nearly
every key engine attribute measured, particularly in the ability to
accelerate rapidly and for cruising speed. Honda and Evinrude follow Yamaha
in the four-stroke engine rankings. Honda receives high marks for quietness
at cruising speed and low engine fumes.

Since there are only two sterndrive engine manufacturers and three inboard
engine manufacturers, no index scores were calculated or awards given in
these segments. However, Volvo Penta performs particularly well in the
sterndrive segment. Volvo is noted for ease of starting, rapid acceleration,
cruising speed, fuel economy and warranty coverage. All three of the
ski/wakeboard engine manufacturers-PCM, Indmar and Mercruiser-fare well in
the inboard segment. PCM, the engine used in Correct Craft ski boats,
performs particularly well in ease of starting, rapid acceleration and
warranty coverage.

Of the three major engine categories measured, consumers are most pleased
with inboards, followed by sterndrives and outboards. Owners of
ski/wakeboard boats equipped with inboard motors are not only significantly
more satisfied with their engines, but also report less than half the number
of problems than did owners of sterndrive- and outboard-powered boats.

One issue boat owners repeatedly raised in the study is that the engine
doesn't have enough power for the size of the boat or for their overall
boating needs.

"The study clearly indicates that consumers who select their own engine are
significantly more satisfied with their propulsion than those who opt for
the base boat-engine package," said Eric Sorensen, director of the marine
practice at J.D. Power and Associates. "The importance of installing an
engine with sufficient power cannot be overstated because it impacts so many
elements of the boating experience. An underpowered boat will be a
disappointment for the owner every time it's used and reflects poorly on
both the engine and boat brands."

The study indicates that engine warranty coverage, which includes the way
warranty claims are handled, rates lower than any other engine-related

"Handling warranty claims is one of the most important attributes in the
minds of boat owners," Sorensen said. "People who buy boats also buy
automobiles, and they're used to a much higher standard in both service and
warranty-related performance. If marine engine manufactures want to build or
even maintain customer loyalty, this is one key area to pay attention to.
Given the importance to the owner, there are many manufacturers that need to
make a concerted effort to improve in this area."

Regarding quality, one-third of outboard-powered boat owners report
engine-related problems. Owners of new boats with four-stroke electronic
fuel injection (EFI) outboard engines report the fewest number of engine
problems, while owners of boats with two-stroke carburated outboard engines
report the most problems, according to the study.

Consumers who purchased a new boat equipped with a two-stroke outboard
engine report twice as many problems as those who purchased a boat equipped
with a four-stroke outboard engine. In general, the study finds that for
both two- and four-stroke engines, the larger the engine, the fewer the
reported problems.

"Among the five technologies used in outboard engines, the quality level of
four-stroke EFI and carburated engines is unparalleled," Sorensen said. "In
additional to quality, four-stroke engines are cleaner and quieter than
two-stroke engines and are very fuel efficient. The fact that they weigh and
cost more, and don't accelerate as rapidly as two-strokes is not much of a
deterrent for many boat owners."

Headquartered in Westlake Village, Calif., J.D. Power and Associates is a
global marketing information services firm operating in key business sectors
including market research, forecasting, consulting, training and customer
satisfaction. The firm's quality and satisfaction measurements are based on
responses from millions of consumers annually. Media e-mail contact:
or .

No advertising or other promotional use can be made of the information in
this release without the express prior written consent of J.D. Power and


"Billgran" wrote in message
FORT LAUDERDALE - Familiar names dominate the 2003 list of J.D. Customer
Satisfaction Award winners announced this morning at the Fort Lauderdale
International Boat Show.

Winners in the engine categories we

2-STROKE OUTBOARDS - Evinrude, followed by Yamaha and Mercury.

4-STROKE OUTBOARDS - Yamaha, for the second consecutive year, followed by
Honda and Mercury.

INBOARDS - PCM (Pleasurecraft Marine), followed by Indmar and MerCrusier.

After receiving honorable mentions a few years ago, and a fairly close
second place last year, FICHT is now #1 in customer satisfaction survey.