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Default It Sank!!!! - Bobsprit is right this time

"Simple Simon" wrote in message

Proof that Booby is right on rare occassions!

You are a complete twit! Are there no lengths to which you will not
venture in your attempts to prove the depth of your ignorance?

There is no mention of an "F37" on that page. So there is no "proof" that
Bobsprit is right.

Booby is right as often as you are!

The two of you are the most ignorant blowhards on the whole of Usenet.

I'm astonished that either of you could survive here for more than a couple
of weeks.

Bobsprit keeps boasting about his sailing exploits - and yet he never
ventures more than 3 mile from his marina. YOU keep boasting about your
sailing exploits - and yet you never venture more than 5 yards from your

I've no objection to you correcting my political errors. However, I shall
not be told that Bob is correct on ANY occasion.