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On Tue, 8 Jun 2021 13:35:05 -0400 (EDT), justan wrote:

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justan wrote: Both $3.Thanks to Joey and his crew of
incompetants.Cheap compared to here.

We have Desantis. You don't have any buffer at all between you and
those incompetants in Washington.

California likes to punish poor people. Those who can't afford an
electric car.
Gas was $2.959 today, it has been $2.799 or $2.759 at Speedway.

Nah, Newsom needs all the tax money he can get to buy votes. Especially
against his recall. They added 20 cents extra diesel tax last year as well
as a little less to gas. Plus the state requires around 26 special blends
for each season which costs about a million gallons of waste each time. I
paid $4.09 for regular on I-5 yesterday coming back from Los Angeles.
Filled up at Costco Livermore when near home at $3.99. Used more fuel than
normal because of the high winds. Usually around 33 mpg in the Volt, but
was about 29 yesterday. Got to Tracy area and two different semi’s were
blown over.