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Default On the high seas

On Mon, 31 May 2021 06:12:18 -0400, "Mr. Luddite"

My grandson just returned from a 3 month deployment aboard a
Canadian coastal defense ship searching for and capturing
drug runners in the southern Pacific.

It's a USA/Canadian joint operation where specially trained
US Coast Guardsmen deploy aboard Canadian ships (as well as
American ships). The Coasties are the USCG's version of
special forces and have law enforcement and arrest authority.

The reason the Canadian ships have USCG personnel aboard is
due to US and Canadian laws. Canadian law does not allow
interception of vessels in international waters whereby
US law does.

Anyway, this "Mob Reporter" video was recently released
showing parts of the three month deployment. At the very
beginning of the video a USCG person in tactical gear is shown
clearing his firearm. This guy is my grandson, Erik.

He's shown in other clips preparing for boarding of
drug runner's boats and in the rigid hull boats they
use to intercept, board and arrest the drug runners.

Last bit of news: He has been selected for the Coast
Guard's version of Officer Training school and will
end up receiving a commission. Sounds like a lifer
to me.

Here's a link to the video. Pretty cool.

Good for him. I am a little disappointed that the CG has just become
an extension of the DEA but I suppose that is really part of their
heritage, going back to when they were the "revenooers". (Revenue
Cutter Service).
That was when we still understood the only real power the Constitution
gave the government to control sin was the power to tax.

When I joined we were still part of Treasury. That changed to DOT with
LBJ and we got these funny hats.

I am not surprised at all that the Canadians carry a token force of
Coasties on board so they have extra powers. Our Sheriff does that.
They will have a Coast Guard guy on their boats to do boardings.
Local law enforcement would need a warrant without probable cause but
the Coasties can board you at any time, for anything.