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Default Ahh, Florida!

On Sun, 23 May 2021 19:11:20 -0400, Keyser Söze

I am waiting excitedly for the first case in Florida that involves the
Idiot DeSantis law that allows motorists to run over protesters in the
streets and the response from Florida's "stand your ground" law that
says protesters may shoot motorists who try to run them over.

Interesting piece of juris prudence but the organizer of that protest
better check to see if his mob is armed because the organizer is
liable for all "damages".
There is a good chance he could be sued for wrongful death.
The reality is I doubt much of that law would survive long in court
but you still have that lawyer tax.
I think the main objective is to get people to stop standing in the
interstate and it gives the cops the power to arrest them if they do,
maybe even run over them.

A more practical explanation is it extends "stand your ground" to
include using your car as a weapon in a Reginald Denny situation.
"If your life is threatened, step on the gas".