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Default Ahh, Florida!

Keyser Söze wrote:
On 5/23/21 8:32 PM, Bill wrote:
Keyser Söze wrote:

I am waiting excitedly for the first case in Florida that involves the
Idiot DeSantis law that allows motorists to run over protesters in the
streets and the response from Florida's "stand your ground" law that
says protesters may shoot motorists who try to run them over.

Yeah. Like the demonstration on the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday. Back
up traffic, make sure no emergency vehicles can respond to emergencies.
Cause fender benders. The Federal people already showed it was okay and
legal to shoot unarmed protesters.

No, Bilious, it is not the same. .

It’s not? Fed’s already showed okay to,shoot unarmed protesters. At least
if they are white.