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Default Finally got my appointment...

On Mon, 05 Apr 2021 15:12:34 -0400, wrote:

On Mon, 5 Apr 2021 09:05:45 -0400, Keyser Söze

On 4/4/21 11:00 PM,
On Fri, 2 Apr 2021 08:15:14 -0400, Keyser Söze

On 4/1/21 5:47 PM, True North wrote:
For my 1st Covid shot.Maybe we
I show up at the vaccine center a short walk from my house on Saturday, April 17 at 1440 hrs.
My 2nd will be put off until the same time on July 31, unless our health people come to their senses and follow the original protocol.
Good thing our new cases average between 0 and 2
cases a day.
Looks like we aren't too far behind all y'all privileged pampered 'mericans.

Thanks to Joe Biden and his team, the vaccine is rolling out in large
numbers. Had Trump been re-elected, another half million Americans would
be dead and he'd still be in denial. Trump ought to end up in prison for
the various horrors he perpetrated on this country.

Why do you think anything Biden did made PRIVATE INDUSTRY continue
their infrastructure build out so they could make this vaccine. They
got the money to do it last summer from the other guy. Most of the
distribution is through private pharmacies and the state/county. We
are still waiting for that federal FEMA site to open.
Just what did the feds actually do? Get the **** out of the way.

That's really funny. Carry on.

What part is wrong?
Are you denying the private sector developed the vaccines?
Are you denying most of the actual vaccinations are happening in
private pharmacies?
Are you denying the distribution is via private sector transportation,
in most cases using the distribution chain of those pharmacies?

OK exactly what are the Feds doing? Adding an extra layer of
bureaucracy to the operation?

And do you seriously think you'll get a pertinent reply to your questions?

Freedom Isn't Free!