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Default Anyone still here?

You're not very much older than me. When I was young, I figured I
would know when I was old when I had more dead friends than live ones.
But I was still middle age when I past that milestone. So I bumped it
up to 2X as many dead friends as live ones. But it didn't take long to
blow right on past that. So I bumped it to 10X. and I don't think I'm
there yet. Don't know for sure though cuz I've lost count.
Maybe I should come up with a different system.
Paddle on people!
Shoutin' distance from the Gulf of Mexico

On Tue, 15 Dec 2020 09:12:19 -0900, "Bill Bradshaw"

I am still here. The charter people tell me the sea kayakers are getting
older and less young people are taking it up. Maybe what is happening is we
are all dying. I will be 75 this summer and still kayaking and pack rafting
but for how much longer. Maybe there will be kayaking in Heaven or Hell
whereever I end up.