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On 11/8/2019 11:46 AM, wrote:
On Fri, 8 Nov 2019 08:22:30 -0500, "Mr. Luddite"

Been thinking about my grandson this Veteran's Day and,
since I've bragged about him here before, thought I'd
give an update on what he's up to:

He enlisted in the USCG a few years ago and, in accordance with CG
policy, spent his first two years after basic
training serving aboard a Coast Guard Cutter doing
mostly drug intervention cruises as an unrated (E3)
"striker". During this time
he qualified for boarding party teams and became
eligible for further training.

He applied for and was accepted for training to become part of
the USCG "Special Forces" and recently completed
training in San Diego, as a member of the CG
"TACLET" -- (TACtical Law Enforcement Teams).

Following graduation in San Diego (and promotion to Petty Officer)
he received orders and is currently attending a final phase with the US
Marines at Camp Lejeune, NC for additional
training, mostly in hand to hand combat, after which
he will be assigned to the USCG Deployable Specialized Forces.

I am going to keep on his good side. :-)

What's his rate

I think it's ME (Maritime Law Enforcement Specialist) however
he is in the CG Deployable Specialized Forces. From what little
I understand he won't be assigned to a particular command after
completion of training at Camp Lejeune. Rather, he'll be part
of a contingent that may be deployed temporarily for specific
purposes, either domestically or internationally. Don't know
a whole lot about it other than what I can read and from what
he has told me a bit cryptically.