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Default I wasn't aware there is...

On 7/29/2019 7:05 AM, Keyser Soze wrote:
On 7/29/19 6:53 AM, Mr. Luddite wrote:
On 7/28/2019 6:21 PM, Keyser Soze wrote:
On 7/28/19 5:38 PM, Mr. Luddite wrote:
On 7/28/2019 3:08 PM, Justan Ohlphart wrote:
Keyser Soze Wrote in message:
On 7/28/19 10:09 AM, Justan Ohlphart wrote: Tough getting
permits when you are a deadbeat, eh? Most folks¬*¬* don't need help
from lawyers and local " mounties" to get gun¬*¬* permits. You
might check for updates on that1963 law you cited. Maryland isn't
a "loose" firearm state like Florida, ****-for-brains. Getting a
carry permit here requires some "doing."

Congratulations on your acomplishment. Was that one of the
¬* hilights of your life?

I looked up the Maryland requirements for a carry permit.¬* Very
similar to those here in Massachusetts with a few minor differences.

Apparently Maryland is technically a "shall" issue state (if
applicants meet the basic requirements)¬* but the laws afford the
issuing authority (State Police) wide latitude in the ultimate
issuing of a permit, effectively making Maryland a "may" issue state
like Massachusetts.

Basic difference is that in Massachusetts, the initial application
and final authorization is by the local police department in the
town/city in which you reside.¬*¬* The Massachusetts State Police are
also involved
in the processing of the application and it must not be disapproved
by them as after the background check.

Both states have mandatory safety training requirements for first
issuance of a permit.

Other than those minor differences, the requirements are the same.

Certainly not something that takes some "doing" or the assistance
of a lawyer.¬* It's just a process.

That's kinda funny, reminds me of Fretwell claiming he knows what is
happening with legislation because he can track the progress using
on-line sources.

Yes, Maryland technically is a "shall issue" state, and that's pretty
much as far as it goes, and having a lawyer who knows the game and
who needs to sign off locally and at the issuing barracks is very

It is very difficult to get approved for a concealed carry permit in

According to Maryland carry permit statistics 90 percent of applicants
are approved.

Now, *that* is funny. Even a cursory read of any serious gun discussion
group will edu-ma-cate you as to the reality of the Maryland permit
process for ordinary citizens. Fretwell might remember something about
the chances for approval. When I got my permit, he wanted to know how I
did it, since very few petitioners other than private guards, private
police, et cetera, were approved.

Greg hasn't lived in Maryland for many years as far as I know and the
requirements to obtain a concealed carry gun permit throughout most
states were relaxed many years ago due to court challenges on
prohibitions. For example, for many years it was just about impossible
in Massachusetts to get a long gun permit for anything other than
hunting. With only a few exceptions the majority of cities and towns did
not allow issuance of handgun concealed carry permits.

That changed about 16-20 years ago following increasing court
challenges. Now, unless you have a felony on your records or are a known
drug or alcohol abuser or have other certain issues that disqualifies,
an applicant typically will get a permit application approved.

MA is still a "may issue" state however and in recent years some local
police departments have started to put some restrictions on the carry
permit, especially in the larger cities. The majority have none however.

The permit I have (which I recently renewed) has no restrictions.
I can carry any large capacity firearm that is legal to be sold
in the state however even though the permit allows for "large
capacity", magazines that hold more than 10 rounds are banned.

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