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Keyser Soze Wrote in message:
Tim wrote: On Saturday, July 13, 2019 at 9:06:11 AM UTC-5, Keyser Soze wrote: On 7/13/19 9:53 AM, Bill wrote: Keyser Soze wrote: A restaurant in Northwest Washington issued an apology Monday after hosting an alt-right, white nationalist event whose participants offered praise of Adolf Hitler. The dinner, held Friday at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Friendship Heights, was sponsored by the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist organization that supported President-elect Donald Trump in the election and held a conference in the District to celebrate his victory. Protesters tried to confront those attending the dinner Friday, but were forced out by police. On Monday, Maggiano’s apologized, saying that it was “the inadvertent site” of the protest and that it closed the restaurant for the safety of its staff and guests. “This was a last minute booking made Friday afternoon, and the reservation was made under a different name, therefore we were not aware that NPI was dining with us or what the group represents,” Steve Provost, the president of the 51-restaurant chain, said in a statement posted to Facebook. The statement also referred to a tweet sent by “an attendee . . . in which she made a ‘Sieg Heil salute’ in support of Hitler and white supremacy.” “This expression of support of Hitler is extremely offensive to us, as our restaurant is home to Teammates and Guests of every race, religion and cultural background,” the statement said. The statement said Maggiano’s would donate $10,000, the profit from its Friday restaurant sales, to the D.C. office of the Anti-Defamation League, “which for decades has been working to bring people together in peace and understanding.” So, Herring, Bilious, et al, was white wine served? We do need t know what was served. Seems as if you are up on the dinner. Speech write for them? I'm up on the news, Bilious. I read newspapers, not the right-wing trash sites you and your buds here favor. You mean like, The Daily Kos, New International and The Militant, then reprints of Labor Defender, Iskra, The Class Struggle, and Communist International? Very infrequently I look over KOS. Never heard of the others. What do youread other than that book of fairy tales, the bible?-- Posted with my iPad Pro

You quoted KOS almost daily. Dementia taking its toll, eh?

Yep, and justan, looking over your shoulder I see he addressed me but it didn’t show up like his news reader blew out. Thanks!

But anyhow, to answer his question, I do read the Bible, news from Reuters, BBC, USATODAY, some from Yahoo, and maybe a couple others. Never Fox, cnn Salin or msnbc, unless they fairly well match others. And I can get all the direct stuff from YouTube cspan. Harry can keep the Young Turks and John Oliver