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Default Fuel/Oil ratio for old Sea King?

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I just got a old 5hp sea king and it's not locked up but I have no idea how to start it. Help plz!

Depending on how old it is at least 50:1 but some of the older ones
may have been 25:1
First be sure you have a healthy spark. That usually takes 2 people if
you don't have a spark tester. If it is sparking you can try just
filling it up and giving it a yank. If you are not sure you are
getting gas out of the carb, squirt some premix in the throat, open
the throttle all the way and yank it. You will start out too rich but
after a few pulls the mix will be OK enough to pop. If it runs a few
seconds and stops, suspect a carb problem or a fuel delivery problem.

They need three things to run... fuel, air, and spark. Greg's method will get you started.

Don't forget compression ;-)

You actually don't need much of that. I had a friend growing up that had a neighbor with a "collection" of those old single cylinder engines that fired once every 4-6 revolutions. They have almost no compression, and run just fine, sort-of. Similar to this:

It was pretty cool to go over on a weekend and see him fire one up.

Many engines today used in lawn mowers, some motorcycles and other small
engine applications have automatic compression relief valves that
vents the cylinder compression until the starter (or pull rope) gets
the engine rotation up to a speed that will support starting. Once
started, the compression relief valve automatically closes.

I remember an old gas engine on something that had a manual compression
relief valve. It partially vented (lowering compression) until the
engine fired at which time you closed the relief valve.

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Some of the old Moto Guzzis had compression relief valves.