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Default A Church Dinner

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John H
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Whoever came up with that one has never bitten down on shotgun pellets in a pheasant or quail!

Or a rabbit

I never used a shotgun for rabbits, but I get your point.


.22 ?

That is pretty normal. I suppose you need a shotgun if the dogs are
running them by you but we usually "sniped" rabbits. We also walked
down quail and woodcock. Nobody could afford that kind of dogs. ;-)

Only went quail hunting one time with dogs, and that was down in Florida over close to Cocoa. Got a
lot of quail. It was my brother-in-law that took us out. He'd just been in a fight and had his jaw
wired shut because someone busted him upside the face with a shotgun stock. His wife fried the
quail, and he wanted some very badly. He got a pair of needle nose pliers and pulled out the wires
so he could eat quail. He was definitely a Florida cracker. He's the same one took me cane pole
poppin' for bass on the St. Johns. Definitely caught a bunch of bass that day.