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Default A Church Dinner

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Whoever came up with that one has never bitten down on shotgun pellets
in a pheasant or quail!

Or a rabbit

I never used a shotgun for rabbits, but I get your point.


.22 ?

That is pretty normal. I suppose you need a shotgun if the dogs are
running them by you but we usually "sniped" rabbits. We also walked
down quail and woodcock. Nobody could afford that kind of dogs. ;-)

We normally used shotguns for rabbits as we mostly at the duck club when
shooting rabbits.

We usually just let the rabbits run off when we were shooting birds.
Nobody wants to clean a rabbit you hit with a load of #8s and if you
didn't get enough pellets in one, it would not go down right away, if
ever. That is just unethical.
He wasn't going anywhere anyhow.
Go back an hour before dark and he will be hopping around. My scoped
Remington pump was great for that. At 40 yards or so from a sitting
hold, I could pretty much take a clean head shot every time. Poor old
Buggs never knew what hit him.
Made a nice side bar for the quail dish our host was making.
That was really the last times I was hunting (several seasons, just
outside of Berlin Md)
It was camping in a wooden tent (farm house with no power or running
water) and we were eating what we shot that day every night.
After that I started thinking other kind of hunting was just killing
things for the **** of it and I took up skeet pretty seriously.

Never shot anything I didn't eat, or at least try to eat. Shot a ground hog once, in Missouri. A
boar. Dad cleaned and roasted it. We each took one bite. Chewed and chewed and chewed. Finally spit
it out and had PB&J sandwiches for dinner. Groundhog was tougher than a rawhide belt.