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On Sunday, January 31, 2016 at 3:51:37 PM UTC-5, Vir Campestris wrote:
On 30/01/2016 14:38, wrote:
On Sunday, July 26, 1998 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-4, Imzadi wrote:
I own and race (PHRF) a 1984 Laser 28, and we've had a lot of fun. I
only sailed against a K30 once two years ago, not much to conclude. Our
weather where I sail in Oregon is usually light breeze, and we do
reasonably well in our PHRF fleet, but competition is usually an Olson
25, an Olson 30, and a few Ultimate 20's, and Wavelength 24's. We hold
our own against them, unless it's really light (4kts). I've had the
boat for 4 seasons, and it has held up well, and makes a good cruiser
(San Juan Islands, Gulf Islands in B.C.). We trailer haul, and launch..
If you look for one, beware of inferior glass (Kevlar) work, compressed
areas of hull core, and prop or engine issues. Stanchion failures and
deck crazing have also been projects. The rig is very bendy, very
highly raked, and as another owner told me "one of the easiest boats to
make go slow". Not many other Lasers out here to tune against makes it
a little harder. We work a lot harder than some of the other crews for
our speed. PHRF here is 138-145 with the +10% PHRF-NW adjustment.

Doug Ullmer

We regularly beat a very well raced K30 with the L28 and the Laser is much more comfortable and well made

That post was made in 1998. 17 1/2 years might be a record!

You're obviously right about the well made!


Yep boat has been around a while and stood the test of time - regularly beat a Figaro 30 over the line, a CC 99 too and they both owe us a ton of time.. 3 at the club and it is the same with every one , just switching spots. 9 out of 10 races line honors to a laser 28