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Default Swan river (MT) releases, thanks AW and PacifiCorp

Todd Spangler wrote:
Below is info from American Whitewater (AW) on the new whitewater
releases on the Swan river in Bigfork, Montana. Thanks AW for all the
work, in particular John Gangemi. The Swan is an awesome class IV run
and you can walk into Bigfork for food and drinks after paddling. See
the details below. If you are a paddler, you should be an AW member.
They are doing some great things.

I am a paddler, and although I've been an AW member in the past, I fail
to see why I should be a member just because I'm a paddler...

There are other good reasons to become an AW member though. For example
because you live in the U.S. and because you'd like to support the good
work they do in trying to arrange releases on interesting stretches of
rivers, because they support investing in put ina and take outs, because
they have a great and very informative website and so on.

BTW: It's probably more productive to post this mesage on RBP than on
RBP WW, that's where most of the whitewater paddlers on Usenet congregate...



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