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Michael Snead
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Default For Sale: Dagger ID 7.0 Playboat

For Sale:

Dagger ID 7.0 Playboat

Price: $495

This is a 2002 model which I purchased new early in 2003. It is a blue/teal
swirl. The boat is in fantastic shape w/no gouges or oil canning. This a
super fun playboat with slicey ends, very forgiving and easy to roll with
lots of nose and tail rocker. It has all original factory outfitting with
easily adjustable thigh hooks and seat. Additionally, it has an IR back
band. I have added thigh wedges, knee wedges, crotch rocket and enhanced
butt pad. In other words I have done the work to make the outfitting
comfortable and secure. It is located in Coloma, CA on the SF of the
American River.

Length: 7 ft | Width: 25.5 inches

Weight: 33lbs | Volume: 54gal

Cockpit: 34" x 19"

Paddler weight range: 140 - 215lbs

Michael Snead