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Geoff Jennings
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Default Comparison: Necky RIP vs. Wavesport Super EZ


My opinion, is that if you want to surf and run rivers, the Wavesport Score
is a killer boat. They are discountinued, but there are still some around.
Sierra trading post had some.....

The Super EZ is fun, but slower. To slow for good surfing.


KAYAKFAN wrote in message
I have paddled several years ... open water, fla****er ... seakayak stuff.

have a good roll. If I get a whitewater boat, I will probably do river

and go to the beach. I will likely never "play" nor do class 4-5 stuff.

see myself in some good surf, though. Paddled the RIP and liked it. I

see the RIP on the NECKY site. Do they still make it?

My local shop represents the Wavesport Super EZ. Without knowing of my
interest in the RIP they say it will suit me. The RIP is a tighter fit,

but it
rolls well and I can wet exit. I guess I want some amount of speed on

The RIP seems to have less of that "flat-boat" feel.

While there is no "one boat," which seems a better fit ... for about 2

Also, have I missed something else out there? I am 5-10/220.

Please respond by e-mail as well as post.

Mike Goodman
High Point, NC