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Default Dictionary of Paddling Terms :-)

On 29 Jun 2004 11:27:15 -0700, (Mike McCrea)


A Dictionary Paddling Terms

Air Brace In ineffectual brace employed by novice paddlers in which
the paddle blade is waggled about above the water until the boat
capsizes. Often performed one-handed with the opposite hand clenched
white-knuckled on the gunwale.

Thank you. Lovely.

My second time kayaking, I missed the proper place to go around and
went over a ledge. Panicked. Thought I was doing an air brace when I
put my hand down to right myself from a sure spill. Even as I was
swearing, my paddle, which I'd forgotten and was clinging to like a
bird on a branch in a windstorm, hit flat surface to water surface and
I popped right back up. As I was almost under a bridge where people
were fishing (the third time I'd seen any people in 3 days and the
first time I'd seen more than two at once), it would have been so
embarrassing to die there. No, I don't think anyone there would have
made any effort to save me. I doubt most of them could swim. Would
have been foolish of them anyway. They didn't laugh while I was still
around to hear it, for which I was grateful.

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