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Default perception or dagger sea touring kayak

I have been paddlinga feathercraft kahuna (25" wide, 14.9 ft) foldable kayak
and now looking to get a new hardshell boat for open ocean expedition touring.

I am 5"8 tall and weight 162 lbs, with inseam of 30.5 inches. I am looking for
the following 2004 boats as possible purchase this summer.

1) Perception 17 eclipse : too big for me ?? too much volume ??

2) Perception 16.5 shadow : too small for me ?? why is the deck height only 10"
in height ?? do i have to stretch my feet straight ??

3) Dagger Halifax 17 : too big for me ?? too wide ? width 23.5 ?

4) Dagger Exodus 16.5 : weird design ?? suppose to be for a little surf play
but its still 23.5 in width ??

Unfortunately i do not have a mean to demo these boats personally before the
purchase. Whatis the weight range for the boats ?? I wish it was as easy as
whitewater boats where the manufacturer display the weight chart for their

In the past, I have paddled the wilderness systems cape horn 17 before and
found it quite spacious in the cockpit, very easy to get in and out.

HELP !!!!