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Default From my half-bro...

On Tue, 01 Sep 2015 12:23:31 -0500, Califbill billnews wrote:

Keyser Söze wrote:
From my half-bro:

"I don't care about Benghazi.
I don't care about the emails.
I don't care about Hillary's hair.
I don't care about her wrinkles.
I don't care about the Clinton Foundation.
I don't care about Monica Lewinsky.
I don't care about Travelgate.
I don't care about Chinagate.
I don't care about Whitewater.
I don't care if Hillary is a closeted lesbian.
I don't care about Vince Foster.
I don't care about Benghazi, again.

"I have no great love for Hillary. I voted against her in the 2008 presidential primary.

"However, I will gladly vote for Hillary, or any Democrat, or maybe an an
intelligent frog, over any of the wacky/dangerous/stupid/ignorant GOP
presidential wannabes."

Well said.

Sounds like he is as stupid as you'

They just "don't care". It takes the term of "yellow dog democrat" to
a whole new level.

The combined age of their top 3 potential candidates is 218 years.

Bear in mind that the last 2 democrats to die in office brought us
presidents who started 2 wars we did not win and cost over 112,000
American lives.