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John Caldeira
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Default Anyone know something about the Perception Avatar?

(wondering) wrote:

A friend and I are looking for our first kayaks and have decided to
buy kevlar boats. We're 6'/155# and 5'-8"/135# respectively.

We've tried a number of Perception, Necky, Seaward and other kayaks.
So far we've liked the Perception Avatar best. But we cannot find any
reviews or comments on this kayak which apparently was first sold in
2003. Anyone have experience with the Avatar or other knowledge of
it? Compare it to the perception Eclipse?

I'd be hesitant to buy the first year of any model of kayak, just in
case the boat has a serious performance problem.

Also, beware that Perception (Wellmark) has a very weak warrantee that
requires you to pay 25% of the recommended retail price, plus
shipping, for a warrantee claim after one year (50% after two years),
even if a manufacturing defect.

I bought a kevlar Perception Shadow two years ago and it developed a
serious "print-through" of the kevlar fabric pattern through the hull
gel coat. It was mostly a cosmetic defect, although I'm sure it also
increased frictional drag. You normally don't see this on a
well-built boat.


John Caldeira
Dallas, Texas, USA