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Charles Pezeshki
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Default Scariest MF Salmon rapid!

in article , Rex Sanders at
wrote on 7/12/04 6:53 PM:

Three of us with combined 30 Grand Canyon trips, rate the rapid at 7 to
8 on the 1-10 Canyon scale. Standing on the road scouting, the most
common expression heard from people seeing the rapid for the first time
was "holy sh*t!".

Hi Folks,

Just back from the MF Salmon myself.

Cramer Creek Rapid is indeed a real big rapid. We had 2.2' on the MF, so
probably 5500 cfs in the Main.

Dunno-- maybe the Lochsa has made me jaded, as there are 2-3 rapids like
Cramer with equivalent or greater flow-- but the main thing about Cramer is
that it is out of character with the rest of the MF. It is a real Class IV-
IV+ rapid.

Scout for sure-- start right, and you'll probably be alright-- though this
is taking the guide community up there and slapping them around. Two boats
flipped right after all the rafts in our part successfully ran the drop.

If you're an amateur, and you find the MF challenging-- just stay right. Or
carry up your gear at the Stoddard take-out, probably taking you a total
extra time of 5 minutes, and miss the whole thing entirely.