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Eric Nyre
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Default Solo canoe speed

The C-1W is avaliable as a special order boat. It should be the same
price as a Prism, possibly with a mold prep charge added to it ($100
or so).

The Voyager will walk away from a C-1W, in fla****er (I top it out
over 7mph, whereas the C-1W won't quite reach 7 with my fat butt). The
C-1W will turn faster, run bigger water (it is a downriver racing
boat), and is better suited for anything other than going really fast
in a straight line. The Voyager is more stable, but neither would be
my choice for a fishing platform.

The Voyager replaced the Advantage in the We-no-nah lineup, because it
is like an Advantage but better (and yes, Advantage owners can attack
me on that one, but paddle a Voyager before attacking because it
really is a fun boat). The Advantage is still avaliable as a
recreation racing boat (Voyager's specs are illegal for most races).

I really like the Voyager, but like the Advantage it is more limited
than the C-1W for my style of paddling.