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Default Solo canoe speed

Hi Jack!

On Wed, 9 Jun 2004 07:29:22 +0100, "Jack" wrote:


I am looking to buy an efficient solo canoe for sit'n switch paddling. I
have narrowed down the choice to a Wenonah Prism or Voyager.

I have a Prism (well, it's the wifes), an Advantage, and a C1W in my
garage, all U/L kevlar skin boats.
I haven't paddled the Voyager, but the Prism isn't particularly fast.
Stable, and pleasant, yes. Fast, no. The Advantage is considerably
faster, and if you are serious about not minding a "wiggly" boat,
check out the C1W. (Probably special order only, but last I checked,
Wenonah would still build one. About the same pricing as the Advantage
IIRC.) My patched and beat-up old C1W will flat out spank the
Advantage on a smooth surface; the gains in choppy conditions are even
greater. Trade-off is that the C1W gets pushed around by the wind a
bit more. In fact, I may be selling the Advantage this summer, as I
really don't take it out much, preferring the C1W in most situations.
Be advised that the Advantage is a wet ride in choppy water.
Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me directly if you'd like.

ByeBye! S.

Steve Jernigan KG0MB
Laboratory Manager
Microelectronics Research
University of Colorado
(719) 262-3101