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Default Photos of Reno City's Truckee River Whitewater Park

Bobo wrote:

This was my first visit to a "man-made or engineered" whitewater park
so I can't compare Reno's to any other whitewater park. Nevertheless,
I'm impressed by everything that was done and the fact that the El
Dorado and Harrah's casinos loaned $500,000 each to get it built.
For WW kayakers in the far western states, Reno could become a road
trip destination for park and play or slalom training.

Looks like a fun run. I think it's quite a bit wider than most of the
artificial whitewater courses I've been to (In Germany, France, the
Czech and Slovak republics), and those almost river wide holes look like
they can easily accomodate several playboaters at a time.

What's that guy in picture 0040 doing? Is he a board surfer?

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