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Default Q: Cockpit cover for Topo Duo

Eddy Rapid wrote:

Now that I finally have my Topo Duo, I was wondering what folk might use to
cover the front cockpit when they use the boat in solo expedition, rather
than tandem, mode.

I never paddle it alone (unless I lose my passenger), but any old Eskimo
kayak size cockpit cover should fit.

By the way I tandemed it with a friend and the boat is a lot of fun. We even
rolled it a couple of times while playing on surfing waves: a lot easier
than rolling an OC2 any day ;-)

I keep telling people that, but for some reason no-one seems to believe
me. Of course, there is the "both roll on opposite sides" approach,
which is a *lot* more difficult to roll with than any other boat... :-)


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