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Dave Manby
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Here is a plan let me know if you want to join us!

Meet in Istanbul 15th May. Head from Istanbul to Dalaman and then paddle
the rivers there. Or we could meet at Dalaman - cheap charter flights go
direct to Dalaman I think and take it form there. Rivers to Paddle
Dalaman grade V, IV and III, Kopru grade II, Manavgat grade V, Zamante
no idea failed to find it last time. Munzur and Batman rivers may be
possible but the army may cause trouble on these. (Also the waterfalls
on the Batman may be too high for me!) Ilhara gorge probably grade II
but a real explore of the caves and stuff.

I have the boats and stuff and will be heading east all the time I have
to be in Erzurum by the 7th June to drop my van off at the garage to
have the engine rebuilt but will be heading for the Coruh for the 7-12
June based in Yusufeli and taxi boating. So you can join us at any tie
you like so long as I know when and where and you can leave at any time
- just get a bus back to the airport
Dave Manby
Details of the Coruh river and my book "Many Rivers To Run" at