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Default GPS coords for Chattooga Sec II/III

Hey Ya'll me and a coupla buds plan to spend 3 days 2 nights the end
of this week on the Toog. Our plan is to put in either at Russel
Bridge or Long bottom and paddle to somewhere near Dicks
Creek/SandyFord and camp for 2 nights then we want to dump our camping
gear at one of our vehicles at Sandy Ford. I have a friend that lives
in Clayton that will prolly shuttle us. If not does anyone know any
outfitters that will shuttle us.

There's gonna be 3 maybe 4 of us on this trip. I've been on Sec II
once a while back and only one of us has done Sec III once before. I
would be gratefull if one ya'll has coordinates for the rapids and any
other points that you think are relevant and you would share them with
us. Also any advice on capmping around the Dicks Creek/Sandy Ford area
would be welcome. The more isolated the better. BTW if anyone know a
place on the net where I might find the coords or at least a map
showing the rapids that would work too.



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