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Hello Everyone,

I have just started working gnuradio, after going through some articles i
have procured one USRP1 and two TVRX2 daughter boards, i have done the
assembly and after connecting it to my pc it is recognized in the terminal
but how do i connect the board to Gnu radio companion(grc) , and use two
centre frequencies 145 and 437 in my project, so any input on this topic
would be a great help to me

Here's a starting point:

Looks like you need to build your GnuRadio package with UHD support. I don't
know much about driver issues and Windows, but there are a few add-ons
needed for Linux (some usb libs and udev rules for hot plug operation).

Once its all built, grc should have an entry for your device types
under 'Sources'. Stuff like the center frequency is just a device
parameter. Drop the device onto the canvas and Right click, select

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