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Pete Winn January 18th 05 09:50 PM

Boating opportunity in western Tibet
We're looking for a boater for an expedition in western Tibet. We've been
running expeditions inTibet and western China for over ten years, and
without exception these have been the trip of a lifetime. Many previous
participants have participated in several of our expeditions.

We're running a first descent of the Indus (Class 3, using inflatable
kayaks). The expedition includes a yak supported three day trek around Mt.
Kailash and a three day ride on Tibetan ponies to the put-in (with boating
gear carried by yaks).

We only have one position open and expect it to fill quickly, so after
reviewing the info, if you're interested please call me as soon as possible
877-242-7108 (toll free).

If you're not interested but know someone who might be, please forward this
message to them.

More info with pictures is available at
The home page for this site also has info about the history of first
descents and the ecology, culture, geology and geography of Greater Tibet.

We hope you have a happy and prosperous 2005.

Pete Winn
Shangri La River Expeditions
Non Profit & Tax Exempt

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